Spanish Thalidomide victims Association's opinion regarding the imminent legalization of Thalidomide within the European union.

We consider that EMEA is acting in an irresponsible way allowing the rehabilitation of Thalidomide considering the following reasons:

•  The prize of one box of this drug, composed of 28 capsules is going to be 319 euros , and it will last one month. Therefore the approximate cost of the treatment till the death of   the patient will be of about 7,662 euros.

•  Thalidomide does not cure but it only mitigate and soften the myeloma's effect, lengthening the life of the patients during a period of one year or one year and a half.

•  There have not been investigated other alternatives to Thalidomide.

•  Thalidomide can produce foetus' maformations.

•  It seems that EMEA has not taken into consideration the existance of black markets, which suppose an important risk.

•  The economic enrichment of the laboratory or laboratories whic are going to be in charge of its production and distribution. Therefore, and taking into account everything said above, the Spanish Thalidomide Victims Association, reserve for itself the rights to make use of mass media, the press and internet to inform possible patients and their families about the risks of a treatment with Thalidomide, taking judicial actions if necessary.

Spanish Thalidomide Victims ( and other disabilities) Association.

President: José Riquelme López.